#CarrieFisher was a trailblazer. A Titan of our time. She brought an unapologetic face to the plight of mental illness, which was shunned. Times have changed for the better little by little…While mental illness is talked about more today I specifically remember Ms. Fisher being ridiculed for being treated for her mental illness. I am glad she lived long enough to see those stigmas fade away….. George Michael…terribly harassed for being gay. I remember the tabloids. Hurtful does not begin to describe it. I know it seems like with what has transpired in the election and in certain States that we are going backwards. However, if you look at history we are clearly moving forward. When I was a child I didn’t even know what being transgender was. Now, my children have transgender friends. When I was in highschool the civil rights movement was 40 years past…. but I don’t remember any biracial couples. My children’s schools are so diverse. They don’t see color like I was taught to. The only times racial jokes are told amongst my daughters friends are by people of that race making fun of themselves. All the polls show the young believe in equality… all these old white dinosaurs just have to die out so real change for the betterment for all can happen. I believe there are still leaders in our government that were opposed to the Civil Rights movement…. who voted to keep segregation. We know there are still people in government that oppose equal rights for all Americans in regards to marriage and religious freedom. Change happens. That’s the only thing that’s guaranteed….. Big change can happen over night. But that’s rare and mostly if a traumatic event happens. However, most change is slow and we as humans are impatient. Make your voices heard. Help others. Follow the golden rule. Don’t sit idly by… Do something. Be a Carrie Fisher. Be a George Michael.


Can’t Let it Go!

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You should never let the dream die…. especially if you are a swimsuit model!

Who are you?

I’ve never colored inside the lines. I’ve always challenged “the rules” set by other people. I’ve never just believed everything that was told to me. I’ve always listened, but not always followed. I have been told not to attempt to try numerous things, but have always done them anyway. It has always taken me more than one try to achieve the goals I have wanted to obtain, but they have never been small goals. I have not taken a lot of advice I should have because I needed to learn the lessons on my own. I have loved and lost with pain at times, but never with regrets. I have sacraficed things from myself for others in more need that I when I was told not to care. I have spoken up when I was told to shut up. I have moved forward when it would have been easier to stand still and stay where I was. I have hurt people I love and punished myself for their pain. I have at times wanted to raise the white flag in defeat, but I never have. I have always climbed back up the cliff with my finger nails. I am me and I need to never forget that. Who are you?