Survival not Happiness

I’ve read the article below at least ten times. I have copied the link in an email and sent it to myself so I can go back to it over and over.  It is quite frankly the best explanation of anxiety and depression I have ever read, and I’ve read books and books on the subject. “Our brains are wired for survival not happiness”.  Just that one sentence makes me able to breathe.  I have been so angry with numerous people lately that, well, just don’t Fucking get it.  I have gotten to a point where I just don’t feel like trying to explain what goes on in my head; the memories, the nightmares.  “Just get over it” or “just go see a therapist” ….. If I hear that one more time I’m just going to explode. I also recently watched a documentary on two soldiers returning from war and how hard it is to get back into “America’s normal”. They have PTSD.  I am not comparing my situation with theirs or the horrors of war, but I do have PTSD and I could definitely relate.

This is a must read.