Sorry Charlize Theron… Gender Equality Still Sucks.

I’ve been put in Facebook jail for three days because I said men were chickens for not asking Charlize out and saying that she was awesome. Facebook considered it a “hate speech”.  Actually I was banned for 3 days twice.  I was banned the first 3 days when I shared from my male coworkers page a post on Charlize Theron that said she was hopelessly single and that she wanted men to grow some balls and ask her out. I wrote with the post I was sharing: “I know so many beautiful women that are single and they say men never approach them. Men are chickens.”  Facebook removed my post and gave me a 3 day suspension.  I honestly didn’t know what I was being put in a time out for.  I didn’t even use the F word like I normally do, so after my time out I reposted it again saying this: “This is awesome. I totally feel the same way. Men are chickens. She’s awesome.” Facebook removed the post, extended my time out, and when I asked for a review they said it was a hate speech. ( The link and photos are below.)

What got me even more upset was some of the comments from men before my post was removed.  They thought that Charlize must be a stuck up slut that only wants to date rich Roman Gods. Like… did you ask her? Does Charlize want to date a man who has a job, goals, a drivers license and a car?  Probably a firm yes. Does she want  a man who likes to do stuff, takes care of himself and doesn’t live in his mother’s basement? Probably. But to assume she’s only into a chiseled statue who is the CEO on a Forbes 500 list is ridiculous. She wants to be taken out on a date. Not just hook up in a Starbucks bathroom from a Tinder match. And I’m pretty sure that’s what most women want.

Has gender equality gotten better? Or now are women supposed to be sexy, have jobs, clean the house, but accept a man as a partner who has no life goals except cracking open a 6 pack at the end of the day and binge watch an entire season of the Office? But. …..Maybe she does.  Maybe her favorite things are just that, drinking beer and binge watching shows, but you’ll never know because you will never ask…because YOU ARE CHICKENs.
What is going on if women can’t call men chickens, but our president can brag about grabbing women by the pussy?
I have witnessed Charlize alone… I was at the premier of Cider House Rules 20 years ago.  She was sitting alone at the table next to me.  She was the star of the film.  I wanted to talk to her, but I admit it, I was scared.  But damn it, next time I see her I am going to tell her how awesome she is.