I grew up in the 90’s which was “apparently” a great time for music…..

I say “apparently” because I am an asshole and pretty music oblivious.  I only have 12 songs on my Youtube playlist and half of them are Miranda Lambert and Katy Perry songs.  I listen to whatever is on the radio on the top 40 stations and country music station.  I of course blame this on my parents whom would not let me watch music videos or by tapes when I was a kid.  I didn’t know who AC/DC was until my first boy friends group of friends loaned me a tape in high school.  Then I tried really really hard to get into music… I did play the flute in band in Junior High, Played the guitar a couple years and was in the Choir a couple years in High School, so “in my mind” I was pretty hip….. However, playing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” on repeat on my stereo I FINALLY got for my birthday really didn’t mean I knew shit.

As it turns out, I went to high school with some pretty kick ass people.  Some of whom were in a band called Sidekick Kato.  The band was together for over ten years and had a major influence on other bands, one which includes Rise Against McIlrath.  I feel completely ridiculous that I had no idea this was going on.  I admit punk rock wasn’t my thing… however, I always thought boys in rock bands were hot so…. I really really missed out.  Shout out to my classmates from Maine West High School in Des Plaines, Illinois; Tom Anderson, Jason Dean, and Joe Campagna. I hope in one way or another music is still in your life.

I spoke with Tom yesterday and music is still very much in his life.  He is currently in the band Adolescent Apes, working on solo music, and also the sound track to a movie.  I hope one day he can do the sound track on one of mine.  A talented guy with so much passion for music.  Music is in his soul.  It is great to hear someone talk about something they love so much, something that they need to do to live.  Something that actually gives them life.  I feel the same way about my passion.  Follow your dreams everyone…… Even if you are 40 like us.  “Real jobs” might be needed to support your quest.  You might never make any money from it, and numerous people will tell you to grow up.  However, just tell them to fuck off and continue on, because it makes you happy and your drive and passion DOES inspire others.

More about the band below.

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