The Legacy I am honored to have Fallen from

Its done!

Vanessa Bednar

Every holiday season a make my way back to Illinois, to where I grew up, to see what is left of my family and some childhood friends.  Since my children were born I would drag them along.  This year they had the choice to come with or not…. My son chose not to come, but my 14 year old daughter did.  She did not choose to come for the presents or for my gratitude dragging her to see all my friends, but she came to see one person in particular, my grandmothers cousin Ronald.  Grandma had always talked about cousin Ronald when I was growing up and I knew they were very close as children.  My grandmother rarely spoke about her brother, Edward. I knew that he had died when she was 7, and he about 14, but I knew that he meant a lot to her.  In this get…

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