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There is just not enough “CARE” in America – Tapeworms

The manager of my local 99 cent store put the Christmas candy on sale for 9 cents because he knows that I buy it and give it to the homeless people in Downtown Los Angeles.  My trunk has been full of it for a week because I have been unable to go due to eating bad sushi and acquiring tapeworms…… It’s been a heck of a six months at my house for sicknesses; numerous stomach flus, the flu, colds, lice, ovarian cysts, and now tapeworms….. I have been wondering “why me” a lot and all I have come up with is; maybe the universe is doing this because it knows I will write about it and inform the world…. or the 8 people that read my posts.  I don’t know.  However, this is what I have learned….. There is simply not enough care for those in need.  There aren’t enough doctors, nurses, hospitals, homeless shelters, food banks, ect.  There simply is not enough.  Plus if you don’t have insurance you are screwed, but that’s nothing new.

I waited a week to go to the doctor about the tapeworms because I wasn’t sure at the time when I was sweating, shaking, sleeping, and feeling like my intestines were in a vice grip that I had tapeworms.  Plus I couldn’t think clearly.  My mind is still in a fog.  It is messed up. What I did think about was all the times I had gone to doctors and hospital in the past six months and was told numerous times: “It is just a virus, there is nothing we can do. It just has to run it’s course”.  I feel like we, the people, are often just given this blanket statement and shrugged off.  HOWEVER, if someone dies, everyone is quick to point a finger.  “They should have went to the ER, the doctor, urgent care.” Yeah, what if they did. I know of NUMEROUS people that have been shrugged of with appendicitis, viruses, endrometriosis, cysts, and if they wouldn’t have gone back and back again to seek care they would have died.  I know we have to be our own advocate, but come on.  After I saw my doctor for the tapeworms and they took blood to run tests ( which dont come back for days) I was given a prescription for the tapeworm, but no pharmacies close had it.  It needed to be ordered. I broke down in tears and went to the ER hoping they could fill it.  After waiting 3 hours in the ER crying the entire time I was never seen and just went home.  I had someone drive far away where a pharmacy had the medication.  A week later, all my tests still aren’t back and I don’t know if the medication has worked.  My intestines don’t feel like they are in a vice grip, but my brain still feel like its in a fog… Did a worm set up camp in my brain? Is it eating my mind?  I don’t know. Numerous people are urging me to go back to the doctor, but why? Wait another 3 hours at the ER not to be seen? If I am seen then what? I took the medication, my vital signs will be stable.  I am going to be told to wait and see… let it pass… literally….

What is my point?  I don’t know… again… my brain is foggy.  I guess we just need more.  I have insurance, I have friends and family to help me (if I ask), but what about the people that don’t?  What about all the homeless people I saw today, many in wheel chairs? Who is going to help them if  I can’t get help having insurance and money for medication and a car to get me to treatment? I KNOW they are in need of dire medical care, much more than I am. Anyway, .. care.. do something…. anything is appreciated as you can see in this video I took.