Moms…stop the cat fights

Moms: We are all so different and we need to embrace each other. Some moms can give birth by themselves in a kiddie pool yanking over and pulling their little angel out themselves…. probably cutting the umbilical cord with their teeth and sticking that little baby who probably doesnt even cry right up to your naked breast while you entire family watches with joy as you stand up with the baby attached to your nipple and drag the pool in the yard to dump the water out naked….. “The miracle of life” You can survive on 2 hours of sleep a night and can still get in a good work out every day whilst strapping the baby on your back or front in one of those papoose slings like the Indians did and have your house clean and dinner on the table for your husband when he gets home….. For you moms I say: ” God Bless you” I wish I had your wear with all, positiveness, and clearly some alien DNA mixed in your body somewhere………. However, for the flip side of that coin… Mom’s who demanded to be in a hospital with the most pain medication they would allow you… or those (me) who demanded a C section for the 2nd after the first birthing of over 24 hours with out an epidural left my mind and body permanently altered…… ones who had to bottle feed as their nipples bled trying to breast feed the little miracles of life…. There is NOTHING wrong with you. For me the first couple- few years were a blur. Waking up even once a night ruined my next day let alone 4 or 9 times. I felt like a zombie feeding, changing, laudrying, cleaning, non showering for days monster…… I didn’t read a book for 4 years after each child. I CRIED….LOTS…. I was bored, yet there ways always something the little miracle needed. My house was never perfectly clean. Clothes were just thrown in drawers and the vacuum was my best friend…. The constant hum cleared my mind, drowned out the screaming, and also cleaned my floors…. It was a miracle…. I broke so many I cant even count. I LOVED to vacuum….. SOOOOO many of my friends are starting to or still popping out kids and I just want to say which ever kind of mom you are everything will be ok…. You will eventually get to do stuff again you like to do rather that watch Beauty and the Beast 100 times in a row. You will get to go out with your friends again (ones that arent electrical) and you will get to worry about much much more difficult things like allowing your child to cross the street by themselves or use scissors….. Im not even going to get to driving a car yet cause I still have .5 years for that disaster nervous break down to happen….. one day at a time ladies… all you can do….


About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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