What I Learned about the Drought on my Drive to San Francisco

Please note: I don’t know anything. I am not a scientist or smart in any way.  These are just my observations.

There has been quite a lot of hoopla over the drought in California. Residents have been mandated to cut usage by 25%. It had been reported that farmers/ agriculture/ corporations were not included in that mandate. There have been numerous articles on how much water each Almond tree needs to grow and how much water each cow requires.  There is now more hoopla that Nestle is still using an expired permit to take as much water as it wants for bottling and selling purposes from a spring in San Bernadino….Therefore selling Californians the same water that they have been mandated to reduce.

So things I Observed;

1. There are NUMEROUS signs along HWY 5 saying that “Congress Created the Dust Bowl”. These signs are on barren dry farmland. I would assume that farmers have indeed had water restrictions imposed on them for some time now. (picture is of barren dry farmland)

IMAG5524 (1)

2. There are numerous signs along HWY 5 on dry farm land saying that Millions of California residents are paying for Millions of gallons of water they aren’t getting. There are also numerous signs saying “Let us turn on the pumps”. and “Water = Jobs”.

3. This is the website for the farmers putting up the signs. http://www.familiesprotectingthevalley.com/topstory-m-99-99.html

4. There will be acres of bone dry dirt/ grass next to tens of thousands – some times hundreds of thousands of almond trees. (the green in the picture are the thousands of trees)

IMAG5473IMAG5476IMAG5505 (1)

5. When certain almond farms have been abandoned and therefore the trees not watered, the trees die….. Lots of them.


6. Next to acres of dead trees I also found hundreds if not thousands of new trees being planted.

IMAG5455IMAG5447 (1)

7. The California aqueduct runs through out this area and there is lots of water in it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Aqueduct

8. I found it funny that on a bridge over water there was sign about the drought and conservation….  I know.. I know… it has salt in it…oooh


9. The seals have plenty of water.



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I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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