Happy Birthday…BTW, your son has LICE…come get him

Happy 40th Birthday… Btw: Your son has lice…. I’ve been dreading those words since I had lice when I was 10.  When I frist sent my child to preschool I have been on the look out. I’ve always been a freak about cleaning sheets, not sharing hats, etc. …. After my initial FREAK OUT and research… Guess what? It is what it is. It happens. Only my son has it in our house.  We have checked my daughter 4 times meticulously….Yes, it is a pain in the ass. To get lice you really would have needed to touch your head with an infected persons head or sleep in a bed on someones pillow with them. If you are worried you or your child has lice get a lice comb and check your hair in sections. I also found soaking your hair in white conditioner and then using the comb works GREAT.  You wipe the comb off after each stroke on a white towel to look for bugs or eggs.  You still need to look at the hair and cut or pull a hair out that has an egg on it if you don’t have the best lice comb. The combs in the kits at the store are not the best for getting all the eggs off the hair, but they will find the bugs. I will paste a picture of the best lice comb below.  Really for people living in lice areas like California parents should comb through their kids hair weekly with this comb to do a check. When you get used to the process you could be done in 5 – 10 minutes for regular checks. DO NOT just do the lice treatment you buy in the stores because you are “worried”.  It doesn’t work 100% as lice have become resistant and you don’t want that shit getting into your pores unless you really need to.  THE BEST WAY is to go through it in section with the lice comb.  Yes, it takes a long time, but you are going to have to do it eventually even if you use the chemicals because you have to get all of the eggs out that are glued to the hair.  The chemicals do not kill them all, if any and if you leave one egg in there you are screwed. I wish the school notified us when classmates get it or check everyone… But they don’t. In fact according to my son’s school: “We only do lice checks in the classroom or send out letters to the parents if we (THE SCHOOL) find two students that have live lice on them.”….SOOOOO if they aren’t doing any checks how are they going to find two students with live lice on them????? They didn’t even want to count my kid saying that I found the lice. I had to remind them that THEY DID… THEY CALLED ME. My son went to the office because his head was itchy so they had to check him.  I realize that they don’t want people to freak out and drag their kids out of school creating a panic pouring chemicals on kids heads and missing all of that fun common core math, but denial doesn’t work either.  How about just giving all the information on what to do?  I think like most parents you want to keep this hidden and don’t want anyone to know, as there is a HUGE stigma, but I don’t think that’s the way to go. That’s how it turns into an epidemic. We went to a lice hair salon (noliceleftbehind.com) to make sure it’s taken care of. It’s worth the $75 and there is a recheck in 5 days. They also do hair checks if you can’t check yourself. I sincerely apologize to anyone my son was around. It does suck. ……. So many things in life do, but lots of things suck more…. Like death, taxes, the ER, car accidents and the flu. So I’m sucking it up.

THINGS TO DO: Lice prevention- detection. 1. Don’t panic….. 2. Get a great lice comb…. 3. Wash and condition hair LEAVING SOME CONDITIONER IN…… 4. Comb through hair in sections and after each swipe wipe on a white towel…. 5. If you have school aged kids do this every week.

IF YOU SEE LICE….THE BEST thing is to comb in sections. The chemical treatment does not solve the problem. It will kill most live bugs not all eggs.  If you want it done right and quick google a lice hair removal salon.  It is worth it!

You don’t have to wash EVERYTHING. You can just put things in the dryer for 30 minutes or in a sealed garbage bag for 24 hours.  If lice don’t have a human head for 24 hours they die…..PERIOD ( I have been a freak about washing the sheets over and over and over and over….:) 10424276_10204271039590632_7158915029548284626_n 10407856_10204271039750636_6240353170051801922_n



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