It’s not about winning for me. It’s about getting picked.

I was soooooo stupidly excited and happy that I was chosen to be a contestant on The Pyramid game show. I had to go through two rounds of auditions and tests and then on taping day I still wasn’t assured a spot. They overbook every show and there were 4 of us out of the 12 that would not get to play. I was so nervous and after three shows of not getting picked I knew that the odds were not in my favor. I had accepted it. I got Damn far. Farther than I ever have trying to get on a game show….my dream. Ever since I was little my grandmother and I would watch game shows. We loved them. To be on one…omg crazy!!!
When my name got called it was like a dream. I almost passed out. The game was everything I could have ever wished for. The guy I played against was the best player they had all season. He made it to the winners circle the first time by getting 7 out of 7 all three rounds. The next three rounds I could have lost my confidence, I could have coward to his awesomeness… But I did NOT. I was not going out with out a fight. It was a MIRACLE that I made it to the winners circle to play for $25,000 but I did! I made a bad decision by giving clues. I should have had my partner give the clues because she was so experienced playing the game. I made a couple mistakes and didn’t win the $25,000, but I won $2,200 and I was ECSTATIC.
I was surprised when the show aired so many people I knew were sad for me and disappointed that I did not win the $25,000. It wasn’t the winning the $25,000 for me. It was getting picked to play the game. It was getting 7 out of 7 a couple times and making it to the winners circle. I did it! I made it into the winners circle on The Pyramid! That is CRAZY.
Every time I get an audition it is a miracle, a blessing. For every part posted around 2,000 people are submitted for it with in the first 20 minutes. Only 8-30 people will be chosen to audition in most cases.
We all need to be happy more about blessings that happen to us even if it is not a grand prize or even getting a job. You were chosen. It was close. Many many others did not get as far as you. Never give up. Keep on going. Eventually you will get the top prize even if it’s not what you thought that top prize would be.

Recently my kids and I were chosen to be contestants on Family Game night on the HUB. Again I could not believe we were chosen. Again, it was like a dream being called down. I stressed with the kids before we got there that if we were chosen its not about what we win, it’s about the experience and having fun. We had a blast. Sedona got a chip out playing Operation and Jett knocked 4 light bulbs out playing Ski ball. We won $400 too. In the bonus round everyone that played picked a code at random and the winning code would play for more money and potentially a car. While we waited for them to set up my daughter wished the people next to us luck and when the mother and daughter were picked we were happy for them and congratulated them after. My daughter said to me:” I’m happy that they won. They looked like they deserved it”. My son chimed in with :”Yeah”. Now THAT was winning for me. I raised great kids.

The Pyramid game show Vanessa Bednar on the Pyram…:


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