This Night Long Ago

On this night long ago a soul went into the skies
On this night long ago tears soaked the eyes
And Angel got wings
A bell ringed
A dove flew in the night
Prayers went out for safe flight
Many mourned and many grieved 
For endless days of strife that would never leave
Sadness that will never go
Stays in the hearts of friends below
A mothers love will always hold dear
The hand print left on a window near
Never will you leave our hearts 
Of those that loved you or knew you not
Please stay beside her and hold her near
Be there in silence through pain and fear
Always show the one who gave you life that you are there each rainy night
She looks above deep in the light for you her lost, her love, her life
Always she will keep you dear
For that you never have to fear
All life that she had given knows the power of her love
You strengthen that from heaven above
Not a day goes by your family does not miss
your gentle smile and your laugh of bliss
Keep laughing in their ears and smiling in their dreams
We will meet again when our yellow balloons touch the sky
and we know you will be awaiting us with light in your eyes


About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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