Sex is not over rated… support the movement

It ALWAYS surprises me how much of a big deal is made about talking about sex, seeing sex, having sex, when there is sooooooo much violence on TV and in the movies.  It is entertainment to see people get blown up…. actually die…. Die Hard, Terminator, Lords of the Rings, The Hunger Games (kids killing kids!), Oblivion ( wait did anyone see it?) CSI.. what are there like 7 versions of the show?  Don’t even get me started on video games.  My son always throws at me… “Mom…. they are bad people?”. Really are you sure?  What about the video games where you can kill innocent civilians? Babies?  That is entertainment?  Maybe because I have experienced death.. too much death way to personally I don’t find seeing people get killed entertainment.  What entertains me? Funny stuff? Fun stuff… SEX.  I get so much shit for talking about SEX, doing sketches about SEX, and putting stuff I film on youtube that has anything what so ever to do with SEX.  This video I did about REAL questions that were asked by my daughter at some point in her life about sex stuff got flagged as age restricted.  Yeah, I made the sketch funny, but these were REAL questions.  If my shy daughter is asking them your daughter is surely thinking about them….

Sex Questions Part 1

My Butt Crack series….. Some close friends said it would “ruin my career”.  What career?  And it is a butt crack!!!! It’s not anal porn.  I think its funny…and that is all that matters…. ( agreed “some weird guys could be jerking off to it, but I could post a video of me licking a spoon and that would happen too)….. I am jogging here with my horse ( may he rest in peace).  you can see our butts.  IT’S FUNNY.  And I know I always have my one fan Heather…. she loves this series.

Jogging with my horse Butt Crack

My mother is soooo offended by my Trampex series she bribes/ threatens me to take them down constantly…. “Seriously mom… this is how I’m going to make it big.”  It’s not, but really how far off is it from some stuff on SNL… AND some one stole my idea and redid it like with professional equipment and shit.  I used my phone:)


Granted my Trampex video was a little gross… but seriously if it was a real product people would buy it.

I BEGGED the writer producer of the webseries I am in Involuntarily SIngle to have a sex scene.  I am not getting any younger…. Let’s capture this shit on film NOW.  I never got to be a stripper and I feel jaded.  She did it… So far it has the most views:)

Now I shoot normal stuff too, but shockingly it doesn’t get as many views… why ? cause sex sells.  I used to get shit for producing and hosting model search events for Hawaiian Tropic.  I am happy to say I think I have taken my sexual liberation to an entire new level.


When HT days were over we tried panhandling… It didn’t work out.

My point is…… Watch my videos, or don’t…. Im still going to do them.  This is who I am and because of it I do get real jobs that pay money.  I did make it into Blockbuster before they closed…. The Power of Love…

And Guys…. sometimes you just do it wrong… SEX.. and I am happy to point it out….

Oh and shout out to my friends who love to hate me at TCD studios. Here is my favorite… Stage mommies…. Absolutely NO sexually related content… See mom.  I can do it….. or not do it…

Oh and Merry Fricking X-mas

Driveway lights….

And from my family to yours… Happy Holidays:)

I will say The tick in the Vagina video might have went too far  as that gave me a 6 month warning on Youtube because I showed my entire butt ( must have a thong on.. I know ridic) and the dancing butt crack, but good luck finding those…

In closing…. Be yourself people… enjoy sex as that is how you were made, and don’t kill people even if they are not real.


About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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