Thyroid update… and it’s not depressing… its a good one.

Since my last Thyroid post a few weeks ago when I got sick for cheating on my meal plan with sugar and wheat I have been 100% diligent…. borderline crazy nut bag.  I have NOT wanted to get sick again.  I am sooo sick of feeling like shit.  I have been following my “new agey” guys meal plan and not wavering.  I have decided to make this post NOT about what I can not eat, but what I can eat!… See happy happy!  When I got sick and that included just over all fatigue and feeling like shit.  I didn’t want to get out of bed. I lost everything in my intestines. I was depressed and afraid to eat anything or take any of my medication including the thyroid medication from my doctor and this new agey Potaba treatment. So for a week I did not take ANY medication or vitamins. I just needed to get my stomach back to feeling like it had not been through a meat grinder.  I took a deep breath and read for the thousandth time what I could eat and started my journey AGAIN.  Keep in mind the first time I went to every store, including Whole Foods, walked down every aisle, looked at all the ingredients in everything I thought might be possible. I thought I could get away with “organic sprouted wheat from ancient grains… or agave syrup….. I CAN’T.  When I originally started this I detoxed from sugar which wasn’t fun.  It was like a cleanse…. again my poor intestines… I was told I couldn’t have agave, but I did anyway for my birthday… and there was a lot of it in the cake.. It was too sweet even for my taste… but I just had to have it!…. Stupid.  My body couldn’t handle it… there went my intestines AGAIN….. there went a week of my life suffering.

So here I am again… starting over.  I was afraid to leave the house because what if I needed to eat.  There was no quick fix at McDonalds then my blood sugar would get all funky and then there goes the next couple days.  I had to start a new habit….. prepare food ahead of time and bring it with me…. So now that’s what I do.  Even to a tree lighting ceremony yesterday, I brought a huge container of my pond scum:) Got that term from my friend Trisha… That’s what her relatives called her drink when they made fun of her.  I like it.  So below is what I eat now on a daily basis. … and damn it… I hate to admit it…. but I feel good…. I am even back on my thyroid medication and the Potoba treatment ( I am careful when I take it though.  I have to have a lot of food in my stomach.), I am taking my Iron and Vitamin D, and I am taking my Prozac AKA Flouxatine.  HOWEVER, I am taking much less of it now.  Only 20mg compared to 80 mg one point in my life.  See my depression, worries and OCD might (probably) have had something to do with my thyroid / my Hashimoto’s disease.  The ups and downs of my low/ borderline thyroid levels were giving me ups and downs with my moods…. Pretty damn simple concept to me… don’t know why NO DOCTOR ever had thought about it.  My thyroid was just always being “watched”…. take some iron… have some prozac…. it’s not technically in the low range that the insurance companies make up.  Now I seem like a conspiracy nut bag…. and again NO DOCTOR ever tested me for Hashimoto’s disease….. I can not believe how many people will talk to me now saying they have it or know someone who does.  How did I not know about this 20 years ago?  Ok.  I’m going to go make some Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries and then tell you what I eat day to day. Oh and I have been sleeping less…. A LOT less… and I have A LOT more energy…. I climbed on the roof yesterday and cleaned gutters, sealed holes, and trimmed trees for goodness sake…..

*** Oh AND my poop is finally how it is supposed to be.. solid and dark. (when it is dark you know your body is getting a processing enough iron… or thats something like what I was told by the new agey guy)


In the morning, when I do my own version of getting up with the kids at 7am I “try” to take my Thyroid meds ( Levothyroxine and Liothyronine) These are “supposed” to be taken 20 minutes before your eat anything.  It took my stomach a while to get used to.

First I will eat my cereal… yum… If I am poor it will be “Bobs red meal” organic buckwheat creamy cereal.  It costs about $7 for 18 ounces, but you only use 1/4 cup at a time so it lasts a long time like a week or two.  I put that in the microwave for 2 minutes with 3/4 cups of water and a big handful of frozen blue berries…. seriously I could not live with out the blueberries.  I buy the huge frozen bag at Costco.  Its like $15 and it last me a good week or two.

If I am cash rich I will have fancy cereal from Whole foods.  I can only have two brands there… or anywhere really.  One is called Go Raw.  It’s Gluten free, wheat free, soy free, sugar free, nut free.  Its like $12 for one pound.  Lasts me a few days.  It does expand a lot.  I eat that with unsweetened Almond milk.  I can also have the brand Qi’a which has Chia, Buckwheat, hemp and dried cranberries and almonds.  It is $8 for 8 ounces and lasts me 2 days.  It does expand.


Then it is Buckwheat pancake time. I finally figured out a recipe that works for me.

heat pan on medium heat with butter and a lot of frozen blueberries

Whilst that is heating up mis ingredients: This makes 2 big pancakes.

1/2 coup organic Buckwheat flour

3/4 – 1 cup almond milk

one egg

1 tbs of coconut oil

one squeeze of liquid Stevia ( I use stevia and monk fruit- could be cheating)

pinch of salt

like 1/2 – 1 teaspoon baking powder

more blueberries for second pancake

sometimes I add pure dark baking chocolate.  It is not on my not eat list so I may or make not be cheating.  I don’t care.

I hope Im not forgetting anything.

Poor some in the pan.  Move the blueberries to make sure they are in the middle.  I goof around with the flame.  Sometimes it is medium, sometimes low, depends how it is cooking.  Don’t want it to burn, but don’t want it to cook forever.  NOW… I like a lot of blueberries therefore sometimes my flipping is unsuccessful and it turns into a pancake scramble, but I don’t care.  It tastes the same.  For the second pancake the blue berries should already be in the mix when you poor in.

Now I eat these with lots of butter.  I do because I can.  I love butter.


Quinoa ( a make a lot and keep in fridge) with chicken broth and spinach or broccoli or Eggs and bacon (technically Im cheating with the bacon. or if someone makes it for me… a salad


Get out the blender.  coconut water, spinach, kale, carrots, blueberries, beens, green apple, whatever I have lying around.  I make A LOT of it and carry it around with me….. shockingly I am NEVER hungry.  This has been a life saver.  Never thought I would do it.

Now when Im full in the afternoon Ill take the Potaba I am supposed to ( I still have a couple weeks left of that treatment) and iron and vitamin d


raw dried coconut with pure dark baking chocolate, and my chocolate protein powder with enough water to make the whole ting like pasty.  The only protein powder I can have is on line, Whole foods or at GNC: Sun Warrior warrior blend.  Again, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free.. blah blah.. made with like pea protein and shit.. and they use stevia…. its a little too sweet for my taste but I use it.

Oh and I can have fruit… any kind of berries, green apples… some other shit  I also found toasted hemp seeds at Whole foods that I like.

DINNER: Im usually kind of full, but I will have something of what the family has.  Ill have some steak or chicken (its supposed to be ground up because of my low stomach acid levels? so I chew it a lot), veggies like broccoli or beans or such… if I need some carbs I do some quinoa.

I have always not liked to eat after 6pm, but now I sometimes do.  Ill have some of the above mentioned cereal with almond milk.  Sometimes if I wake early in the am ill have the hot buckwheat with blueberries.

Ive been going to bed so damn early… my night owl self is gone, so I dinner is like my snack.  After I eat I take my other dose of Potaba, More Iron, and 20mg of Floxitine.

There you go.  I’ll let you know what my blood levels are after this Potaba treatment os done…. Hopefully it helped the Hashimotos.  However, I think the diet has been the more beneficial than the Potaba or the Thyroid meds.

Oh and water… I am “supposed” to be drinking Alkaline water (research it).  I get it for free at my new agey guys place.  I bring water jogs.  However, I have not been very diligent with that lately as I have been busy and I am going out of town, can’t bring it on the plane and I “highly doubt” the suburbs of Chicago and Milwaukee will have it….

The end.. for now.


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