Some times you need to quit…. Just for a minute or two……

On Saturday after I “played” a madam…. (really I am an actor) I got really sick.  My body had had it.  It had had it with the “special” Iron Supplements, Vitamin D supplements, Thyroid medications Levothyroxine, Liothyronine, Potabo, Flooxitine, Clozepam, Benedryl, hormone cream for the AM, hormone cream for PM……. No Gluten, No Sugar, No Wheat, No Rice, No tomatoes, No soy, No eggplant…. TOO MUCH Quinoa. My stomach and my liver just couldn’t take it anymore, so I quit.  I stopped taking everything, broke down and had some salmon and broccoli (which is on my list of good things to eat I have just been too lazy to cook it) and went to bed for 24 hours.  I really had no choice in the matter.  My body wasn’t moving.  The granola I had brought with on the shoot had sugar in it and just wacked out my body as well.  I honestly just didn’t know what to bring with me to eat.  When I could tell my body was not having it with the gluten free granola I had an emergency run to Burger King for some protein and just ate the meat from the chicken wrap and the whopper…. damn I ate a tomato too. When you are detoxed from sugar and then binge on it… not good.  I am also not supposed to have Agave Syrup and had a piece of cake on friday that was gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, but it had agave and a lot of it… 2 hours later find me in the bathroom. So on Saturday afternoon my body had had it.  For 24 hours I had a lot of time…to think…. cue my next post because this went in a completely different direction that I planned.  This is a shit fun post.  However, I know I need to start over…re access my body and what I can eat and what cooking skills I need to acquire.  I need to get out of the box, but I also need to limit all this other shit I am putting in my body.  I know the potaba treatment is supposed to realign my body and help/ fix the Hashimotos disease, so I am expecting some side effects, but I don’t want to kill my liver doing it.  I know it was not good.  I was peeing clear… and my poop…diarrhea then yellowsih white film…. not a good sign… I am going to call the doctor after I have some chicken broth and quinoa:)……restarting….I am feeling much better.  My pee isn’t clear anymore.:)


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I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

One response to “Some times you need to quit…. Just for a minute or two……

  1. so I talked to the “New Agey dr guy”…… turns out it was probably not the Potaba…… It “probably” was the fact that I had that cake with agave syrup on Friday night (as I did in fact get sick right after) and then the sugar in the granola on Saturday and no protein….I had detoxed from sugar and then shocked my body with it….. PLUS……I had been cheating on the wheat and gluten with this holy bread.. something “Exekial” (it has bible sayings on it) cause it was sprouted organic ancient grains…. I thought I could get away with it. He was clearly perturbed …. plus I had yeast in it…. I have about 8 boxes if this brand of cereal in my cabinet I guess I will not be eating now….. So the plan is to let my body get back to normal and my stomach right and then try the Potaba agin with out cheating on wheat, yeast and sugar….. I don’t know what I am going to eat… I KNOW salmon…. veggies… HEALTHY… I get it:)….uuuuuhhhh Im a danger to myself! OK…now I am going to have my last two pieces of that yummy bread with yeast…. That’s right…… my last cheat. I admit it!

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