Thyroid…. Hashimoto’s disease…. If you are tired all the time it might not just be your “mood”

I am feeling betrayed by every doctor I have ever been to….. I’m very unsettled and couldn’t sleep last night…. Nothing really I can do. I usually don’t lash out unless I’m in a huge fight with my husband or someone I know is being victimized or hurt. ….. then I am a crazy bitch…. I never got mad at my dad for killing himself. I took my part of the blame in it…. I hated myself. I am soooo mad no doctor since I was 20 ever tested me for Hashimoto’s disease even though my mother, and BOTH my grandmothers have thyroid issues and had to have surgery and still take medication. I guess I just have to use my words and speak out about this….. This new diet I’m on… the thyroid medication… this experimental new agey Potaba that the new agey guy has me on that he claims will help stop the Hashimotos… or help it… I don’t remember. Not much info on that treatment… well any really on line… If you have any of these symptoms below DEMAND that your doctor does a blood test for Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) and Thyroglobulin….. My doctors response of “it really doesn’t matter what the test result is, the treatment is the same” is not true. Mine could have been caught much much early…. Maybe the depression I can get is not just in my mind, but has SOMETHING to do with my thyroid. I was never put on Thyroid medication and it was always just watched because my levels were “borderline” (coincidentally my DR. did start putting me on Thyroid medications this year because I my levels weren’t improving.) However, according to what I have found about Hashimoto’s is there is more that can be done and a higher dosage is important. FYI: Another sign of Hashimoto’s is low Iron and low Vitamin D which AGAIN, I have always had. I don’t necessarily blame the DR….. He was just going by what he was taught…. What is being taught obviously needs to be updated. Eastern and Western and “New agey” medicines/ natural treatments MUST find a way to be mixed and learned together.
WHAT ARE SYMPTOMS OF HASHIMOTOS? For many, the symptoms are silent–the early stages. But eventually, you start to notice the same symptoms of hypothyroid, including

poor stamina (YEP- ME)
easy fatigue (YEP-ME)
depression (YEP_ME)
feeling cold (YEP_ ME)
gaining weight – (when I was pregnant yes… 70 pounds, I’ve had to watch what I eat)
dry hair and skin (YEP-ME)
lowering of voice (I wish)
constipation…etc. (YEP)
(also low iron and low Vitamin D)
As it progresses, you may feel very hypo one day, and very hyper another, (YES… WITH OTHER THIS IS MISDIAGNOSED WITH MANIC DEPRESSION) which is caused by the destruction of your thyroid. More symptoms include:

anxiety or panic
problems with either heat or cold…etc


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I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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