True Blood Season Five = Our current real world

I have just started watching the 6 seasons of True blood.  I am at the end of season 5.  I am obsessed even though honestly, I really don’t like the show.  There will only be one true vampire series for me… Twilight….;)…. I don’t like the characters, the writing, the horrible hair dye job of Bill… but whatever, I am obviously hooked.  I am sure most True Blooders have already talked and thought and wrote about season five last year when it aired and I am sure they got what I am now writing about.  However, I find it just FASCINATING how the vampires, and humans, and shape shifters, and were wolves, and fairies, vampire haters,  politics, and religion ARE THE SAME as the current world we live in between black people, and white people, and Asian people and legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, politics, religion, cults, Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, The Tea Party, extremists, terrorists, and people that are just so brain washed and stupid because they are un or undereducated in all of the things they hate or are different then them.  In True Blood you have the vampires that want to coexist with humans and “mainstream” and the ones that believe in the God “Lilith” and her bible and think their religion is the one true religion and all humans are food.  In our “real world” that we live in how many religions do we have where there are extremists that are fighting over their “one true God and his teachings”.  I know at this time there is a lot of hate toward the Muslim religion, which is not right.  Only a small portion of the Muslim community that “call themselves Muslims”, are doing terrible hate crimes.  They aren;t Muslims, they are Terrorists.  Some Christians, who are “supposed to forgive and love all” in the past were terrorists as well.  Ever hear of the Crusades?  Thousands killed in the name of “God”. What about the Klu Klux Clan?  They called themselves Christians.  The same hate crimes that happened against people with different skin pigment not so long ago are now happening against people who decide to love their own gender.   Now in True Blood so many people and vampires die in such a small town you would think they would run out of life forms….and there is A LOT of sex…….. However, how many people die a day around the world that we don’t even care to know about?  Sex…. most everyone is doing it or thinking about doing it every day.  Maybe True Blood is just honest……. If you watch season 5 of True Blood pay attention…… Who do the extremist religious vampires remind you of?  Who do the extremist religious human remind you of? The fairies, the shape shifters?  And Taxes…. everyone has to pay taxes…… The only things we know to be finite are death and taxes….. sometimes a “True Death”.


About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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