No matter what… when you have kids they come first…..LIKE IT

On Tuesday was pretty much the biggest thing that has happened for me in my career as an actress thus far.  The DVD The Power of Love was release.  I have a major part, am in the opening credits, in the closing credits my name is under Vivica A. Fox, there is a picture of me on the back of the DVD and I am listed as one of the starring actors in the credit box.  I am in the trailer and the deleted scenes…. It was a big day for me.  I found it at Blockbuster and made the manager take several pictures of me holding the DVD.  I screamed in the car.  I screamed when Sedona got in the car and I screamed when I got home.  I couldn’t wait for the family to sit down and watch it with me.  Big day for mom! It has been a long hard but fantastic journey.

However, it was pizza Tuesday at my neighbors where the families of the street gather to eat and be merry so we went down there before the big presentation.  Jett, my son wanted to ride his bike with another kid around and around and around the block.  I gave the ok.  I was down there for about 5 minutes when his riding buddy comes to me and says that Jett wiped out…… my stomach dropped.  You just never know what you are going to find.  I jog about a block or so still not seeing him just not thinking.  I am also clutching a bag with DVD’s in it.. I dont know why I didnt just drop them.  My mom had ordered a million DVDs from another movie I was in and I was going to give them to some of the neighbors and show a couple the Power of Love DVD… (I was excited and wanted to share my excitement.  I’ve been a bit gloomy and sick lately)  As I turned the corner and saw Jett, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was at least standing.  I could tell he was holding back the tears…. that is until I got there.  Then they started.  When I was a kid I wiped out so many times… so many scrapes and cuts… they didn’t even make helmets.  Jett has just never wiped out before on his bike and he probably thought he was invincible.  I barley let him ride around the block, he wears a helmet.  When I was a kid we would ride on dirt, grass, rocks… I fell every other day.  My grandma would get out the Bactine …. man that hurt.  I would suck it up and then go back to playing.  Jett didn’t even want me to really look at his wounds.. cleaning them… OMG…..the tears the screams, but that was when we got home.  At the accident site I surveyed.  Nothing was broken. His one elbow was pretty messed up and he had like a puncture type wound on his stomach, but it didnt go all the way through so it wasn’t really bleeding…. some other scrapes, but overall he was LUCKY.  A neighbor came with a van, another neighbor came to help.  We really have to best street in the world.  After we were shuttled home now was time to really note the injuries and CLEAN them…. OMG you would think I was trying to kill him.  I always know the best thing to do when the kids are sick, hurt or have a nightmare is to sit them in front of the TV to side track them.  It helps… but only so much this time.  The night was spent sitting watching whatever he wanted, TRYING to clean off some dirt.  I did manage to get Neosporin on everything;) Friends came by to try and cheer him up.  Again… best street in the world.

However…. my boy child….. the screaming and crying… OMG…. I had to really really put my foot down.  I am the mother.  The wounds can get infected.  he was really making me mad.  When ever I would reason with him saying its either me or the doctor or hospital, they cant get infected.. you want your arm to be cut off?, he would cry and tell me that I was scaring him… “Worst mother in the world”.

The night was spent watching horrible cartoons with him and try to feed him, clean him, ect. It was also spent calming down his sister who can not handle it when her brother cries so she was crying.  I being what I am, a mother.  I pondered that the day was no longer mine.  It was his, and I was just fine with that.  I made him. He is my baby.  He didn’t want to watch my movie.  He wanted his cartoons and that was just fine with me.  The movie could wait. I was lucky he was still here.  Life can change to shit in a flash.  The most important thing in life is family… Never forget this….never forget.


About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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