You know you have done it right when….

You know you have done it right when:
1. You are not picked up / left at the airport cause the person picking you up is afraid to look bad.
2. You overwhelm someone so much they leave the state for the weekend and its not even the state you are in.
3. A person who disconnected with you and blamed you finds your necklace and “other stuff”after 6 months even though said person lives in a one bedroom condo…….
4. Another month later still hasn’t returned it even though said person could give it to your friend who lives a block away.
5. You are able to embarrass a taxi driver who has scene/ heard everything .
6. Your friend lets you know that you did not walk on the bar until you asked permission from the bartender first.
7. You stand up for yourself and hit a boy in JR. High only to have him hit you back and throw your flute across the street. However, you still will stand your ground with boys/ men in a fighting situation knowing they could kick the living shit out of you.
7. Your child asks you to get dressed before you go out in public.
8. You overwhelm someone so much they stop replying to your texts and emails yet start communication back up a couple days later as they just cant handle you not being in their life…..yes….you are that cool.
9. A contestant that gave you a hard time falls off the stage. (She was fine…karma)
10. When your kids beg you to take a pic of them of FB that their friend found and made fun of them.
11. One of your girls comes out on stage in a televised final in a one piece Speedo just to piss people off that gave her a hard time.
12. The owner of a company used to inappropriate behavior spills his drink with your response to a question you answered on stage.
13. When someone says :”Are you sure? ” numerous times even though they will make a large commission on your purchase. 
14. A stranger just legal boy lets you cry in his lap outside a bar.
15. A director says cut and whhoooaa you can’t say that and you have absolutely no idea what you said that was inappropriate.
16. Have your period and it doesnt deter ANYTHING.
17. Family members defriend you.
18. Default on a bank credit card yet they still let you have a bank account with them.
19. Neighbor hurries to get in their house or drive away so they dont have to talk to you.
20. Your child FREQUENTLY asks to go on the roof of your expensive leased car cause you always say yes.
21. Kids get excited everytime you agree to make pancakes for dinner and not chicken.
22. When someone says they will need to do a credit check and you say:” well…. thats not going to go well” ( its the look on their face)
23. When you have to pee behind a bush or in a cup for any reason.
24. Your mother repeatedly tells you to get a part time job in retail.
25. You spill water on your remaining headshots and they are all stuck together.


About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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