My daughter grew up.

Well…. we made it over 12.5 years and two weeks into 7th Grade….our daughter is no longer an innocent child. We had to admit that the wonderful beautiful imaginary world we thrust upon her since she was born really only exists in our hearts…. “Mom and Dad tell me the truth.. I want to know…. are you and Dad Santa?”…..the words crushed my soul…… Now we have been dodging it for years….. the instant it would be brought up: “… do you believe in Santa?” “OF COURSE” we would say. We couldn’t get the words out quick enough. And it was a statement. “OF COURSE” was nothing to be trifled with and we could all go on with our day…. It went further to “my friends dont believe.” we would counter with “Well they wont get any presents from Santa now will they, everyone has the right to believe or not believe… WE BELIEVE”… END OF STORY…… the words spilled out of her mouth: “Mom, I want you to tell me the TRUTH…. I’ll still believe, but are you and dad Santa.?” I had to look at my almost 13 year old daughter in the eye and think about what she has the right to know and how I KNOW all the kids will make fun of her…(Im sure they already do, but they love her… I know they love her innocence)……uuuhhhhh…… We had to admit that we helped him… St. Nicholas was a person, but everyone carries on the tradition, the spirit of Christmas…blah blah…… Oh the questions that followed….HEARTBREAKING “Where do the letters go? Who drinks the milk and cookies? Reindeer foot prints? ” THEN..”The tooth fairy?” “where are my teeth” “Thats why you always know where the eggs are”…… I laid with her a while while her mind Im sure was still spinning….. The fantastical world has lost its identity…..When she asked me the last question of “What about fairies?” I said with confidence “I STILL BELIEVE IN FAIRIES”. and then she replied with confidence: “I DO TOO…..…my baby girl…


About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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