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I would have written up today thus far as a complete and total waste of time (7 hours around LA) disaster, but as most of you know I believe we were put on this earth this time around to learn lessons… here is what I think I’ve learned…..#1 I submit for everything, go on every audition I can, take any job, take classes, do shows, knowing I have to prove myself, build my resume, meet everyone I can, you never know what one audition will lead to as a lot of the things I booked were a fluke/ right place right time/ connection. However, I have booked some things, I have built my resume. I need to start being a little more selective with my time and the projects I submit myself more. I am smarter than the thousands of people that just came off the bus this week. (I almost cried today when the one girl waiting for an audition said she left her son to come out to LA to “make it” and only goes to see him 4 days a month……. she was not going to make it anywhere in that audition) #2 You can actually drive a considerable amount of time on a dough nut for a tire. #3 If people liked you when they met you don’t let them change you later. Stay true to who you are. #4 Sometimes its ok to have the $6 Carls JR guacamole bacon burger #5 So happy I wore jeans #6 NEVER BE INTIMIDATED. SHOW NO FEAR (unless its in the part) I always used to tell my girls with competing on stage: “All it is..all you need is Relaxed Confidence.” Own the stage, the chair, the room, but don’t be cocky. Besides some differences in genitalia we all have the same parts. No one is superior to someone else.


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I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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