Left Behind; Releasing guilt and finding joy after a loved ones suicide

I had to write a brief synopsis on my book. What are your thoughts? Would you be intrigued to read it?

I have just finished writing an inspirational memoir titled LEFT BEHIND; Releasing guilt and finding joy after a loved ones suicide.
How my life was and how my life changed after my fathers very deliberate, very tragic suicide was like finding out the world is really flat. I had a fairy tale child hood. Our spacious house built by my father was in between both of my grandparents. I was a spoiled but appreciative child. All my needs emotionally and materially were met. When changes started happening with my father I didn’t notice them…. Until I betrayed him and he shunned me. That started a downward spiral with the end being his suicide; a bullet, a hanging, and my perfect childhood home on fire. All of this was my fault you see, because I disobeyed him….once…. and I lied… once…and I declined an invite to lunch…. once. Going on after I think much was put in a box. I have had great adventures in my life. I have traveled the world. I have properties and a beautiful family. I am a doer…. There is not much I will say no too because… why not? Making sure our house was clean and homework done and teeth brushed at bedtime really didn’t matter. It still ended with fireman hosing down our house and leaving behind their sooty foot prints. Through out my 20 years of a guilt sentence I gave myself the box was opened time and time again. Now the box is open… for all to see. No more secrets.
I have read LOTS of books on suicide. I find I get a very clinical read. Yes, I know now my dad was sick. He needed help. He refused it. I have also read a lot of memoirs where it is mentioned and touched on briefly that someone close to them committed suicide. I feel my book is different. The consequences of the event through my entire life are melded in the entire book and the why’s are somewhat answered. I believe this book will help those who have lost loved one to suicide. It will help them go on.Image


About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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