Hard Choices

I am silently crying as I type this. This movie hit a nerve with me. We all make choices. Some harder than others. Some we wonder for years if it was the right choice. It haunts us. I am pro choice. I believe that everyone needs to have the right to make their own choices as it is they who will have to live with the aftermath of turning left or right. I chose to have an abortion when I was 17. My father had just killed himself the year before. My life/ my soul was still lost… in turmoil. I love my boy friend soooo much. I still have him tied somewhere in my soul. We got pregnant on Valentines Day…in the parking lot of Oakton community college…in my convertible….However, we felt we were both too young. It was a horrible experience. We broke up a handful of months later. After we broke up and I was married I found out that he had chosen to have the next child he had a part in conceiving… It was just a few years later. That news devastated me. I don’t know why. I gave birth to 2 wonderful and amazing children and lately part of me wonders just what would have happened if I would not have made that choice to end the life of my first. In reality I had life in me 3 times. 3 souls….. did I make the right choice? This is a good movie. If anyone had to make that choice this is something good to watch. Make sure you watch the credits.



About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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