Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself along with all of friends, family, other hundreds of people that do. Don’t fall in the trap of letting the opinion of one person “one hater” make you doubt yourself or change you. That one person doesn’t matter and they are probably just unhappy with themselves. I always said in my HT days when I produced events that 100 people could tell me I did a great job and it was a great show, but one stupid person would come up to me and say some stupid negative comment and that is what I would remember and would ruin “the moment” for me…….(yes I am talking to you stupid guy in the coffee shop at the Grand Sierra in Reno…. and that was my best show and it was awesome…… we had a fake airplane, girls came up through an elevator in the floor and girls were walking on runways over the crowds heads…..suck it)…….If you know in your gut you are right all that really matters is what you think. Yes, we need the support of our friends and families MOST of the time. However, sometimes you need to follow your own path if you KNOW it is right. It might hurt, there might be some negativity but in the end trusting your gut USUALLY haha works out the way it should….nite;)


About Vanessa Bednar

I am an actor, a writer, a producer, a mom, an adventurer.

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